Building Tomorrow. Together.

Digitally connected.

Building Tomorrow. Together.

Digitally connected.

BASF is committed to the future of Virtual Design & Construction (VDC).

Working closely with our customers and industry experts, the VDC Global Development Team at BASF is creating the digital content, training and collaboration tools to utilize Building Information Modeling (BIM) for the industry to unlock the full potential of VDC. Supporting the whole lifecycle of the building, from design, construction and management right through to deconstruction and recycling. Building Tomorrow. Together.


BASF has more than 200 BIM objects in the major BIM libraries. Our digital content includes specification and installation information along with sustainability data, geometry and the technical requirements of our products. Having the right digital tools is crucial to implementing VDC in real-world applications, from the construction site to the office or meeting room. Find our BIM objects here:


  • World’s largest platform for BIM content
  • 1 Million AEC Users
  • Offers a range of dedicated BIM tools

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NBS Library

  • UK BIM library
  • Extensive collection of generic and manufacturer-specific BIM objects (building fabric systems, mechanical and electrical objects)
  • All objects meet the requirements of internationally recognized NBS BIM object standard

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BIMsmith Market

  • Free BIM Library with powerful filtering tools
  • Help you to find the right products for your exact scenario
  • Browse or search for Revit families by criteria like Material Libraries, MasterSpec, CSI MasterFormat, certifications and more
  • Free and easy research tool
  • Start downloading BASF products on BIMsmith Market today

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BIMsmith Forge 

  • Free tool that helps you configure complete Revit assemblies in the cloud
  • Build customized Revit walls, floors, ceilings, and roofs layer-by-layer with BASF products
  • Over 300,000 other Revit materials
  • Start building with BASF on BIMsmith Forge for free today

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Online Planning Tool

  • Easily, quickly and intelligently create and manage your project specifications
  • Create your individual project solution
  • Download your customized specification documents
  • Add BIM objects and all product-related documentation for a complete quotation

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Training Built for You

BASF Bimobject tutorial video
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BASF BIMsmith tutorial video
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Our Expert’s Industry Training Top Picks

What is BIM
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Global Virtual Design and Construction Team

Katherine Blatz

Katherine Blatz

Global Director, Virtual Design & Construction

Jill Spaeh

Jill Spaeh

Global Virtual Design & Construction BIM Integration & Training Specialist
+49 1511 5940394

Ricardo Rodríguez

Ricardo Rodríguez

Global Virtual Design & Construction BIM Integration & Technology Specialist

Virtual Design and Construction Resource Center

Albert Berenguel Puigdomenech

+34 60 9777152

Matteo Gioia

Middle East, West Asia, CIS & Africa
+971 561 797 408

Anne Jacobs

Asia Pacific
+852 9199 5105

Steve Amey


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